Oh yes son I am on a roll. I actually have the desire to write again today. What world is this.. I am coming out of a period of depression. I never felt completely empty, though. It’s like you have moments where you think you’re empty but still find time to enjoy and notice the […]

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I know that when I don’t write, my spirits are low. But I can’t tell whether I am not writing because of my mood or if my mood is impacted by not writing. Either way, i’m going to try to get back into writing. When I felt […]

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Special Delivery

I woke up one Sunday morning to a knock at the door. When I opened it, there was a man standing on the porch with a gift in his hand. I thought it was odd because, who delivers packages on a Sunday morning? And, besides, I didn’t order anything. I explained to him he must […]

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Wildflowers Dream

First part of the dream, Lennon came through a hole in the bottom of the bathroom vanity. He was covered in dust and dirt. I ran out yelling to Kevin that Lennon was alive and that the cat he buried must have been a neighborhood stray. Next. I was walking through the woods with the […]

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veritas magis amicitiae

Moscow, March, 1886 My little Zabelin, I’ve been told that you have taken offense at gibes Schechtel and I have been making. The faculty of taking offense is the property of noble souls alone, but even so, if it is all right to laugh at Ivanenko, me, Mishka and Nelly, then why is it wrong […]

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