shit’s creek

  If your sister isn’t savage AF, is she really even a sister, at all? I’m going kayaking tomorrow. Alone. Mildly nervous. I don’t know what I don’t know. I guess i’ll know by tomorrow evening, though lol. Pre-game thought dump: Dangers: kayak could flip. big deal. alligators. unlikely. weirdos. they’re everywhere. lose my paddle. […]

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In flames, I sleep soundly

Wow, where to begin. So Kevin and I moved into a new neighborhood and we had a housewarming party where we invited a bunch of neighbors over and got to know them. Something tells me this was a super important part of the dream but here’s how I recall my dreams if I know I […]

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Yeh Yeh..

Flu kicked my ass this week. And last week. Last week, I had the stomach flu. This week, I had the actual “cancel all of your plans for the week, you’re not going ANYWHERE” flu. I also have bronchitis and it HURTS. I don’t know how I did the stay-at-home-mom thing for so long and […]

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Growing list

Life is a miracle. Everything about life is miraculous. On every level, every scale, it is miraculous. It is deep. The craziest part is that we can know it’s deep but we will never, ever, EVER fully grasp the depth. We’ll never see it. We will never understand it. We will never witness it. We […]

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Submitted for the approval

of the midnight society….. I call this story…. THE STOMACH FLU: Tales from the Toilet. No, really. I was out sick today with the stomach flu and am still feeling like i’m going to puke what I don’t have to puke. I gotta puke so bad, I feel like I could puke what YOU ate […]

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It’s time to start planning a new adventure. I don’t know if we could ever top this trip. I still can’t believe we did this. I want more life-changing experiences. You go in as one person and come out the other side as someone….. not new….. not different….. just…. I don’t know the word for […]

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