Drone Dream

My family, my brother and sister, my mom and dad, were all driving through the mountains (parents in a car, brother in a car, sister riding with us). Apparently, we all lived there. It looked kind of like Pigeon Forge. A pickup truck sped up past us and whipped it to the side, blocking traffic, completely. Those of us closest to him slammed on breaks and I watched the traffic behind us slowly start breaking. The roads were wet from a recent storm and I was really worried about a pileup since we were coming downhill. The man got out of the pickup and yelled through a megaphone, “please remain in your vehicles.” In the commotion and panic, I motioned for my parents and brother to puke up in our car with us so they snuck out of their cars and lapped up in mine. A long line of cop cars slowly started coming down the emergency lane and we knew something wasn’t right. There was more happening at the time that let me know there was a strong military presence and shit was about to go down, I just don’t remember. So my husband stayed with my family while my brother and I snuck out of the car and started footing it to his house to gather weapons. We made it inside and it was that weird, empty house, shits going down outside, movie vibe. We grabbed some guns and saw police coming in a line down his street (they patrolled in long lines of about 20 cop cars at a time) so we tried to go out the back door. The door wouldn’t open and we heard a voice say “if you go this way, alarms will sound and you will be shot.” And I really don’t remember how we actually made it out of the house, but we did. We ended up being in some square in a small town and I saw my mom and dad taking pictures of some politician. I kept thinking to myself, “if this were a Democrat doing this, my parents would be out there shooting.” The dream switched and I was now with my husband driving down a long back road. Everything had settled down and my brother and I were accused of blowing the whole thing out of proportion. I looked in the sky and saw black specs flying in some kind of formation but Kevin kept arguing with me. It was quickly getting dark out and when my eyes finally adjusted to the dark sky, I noticed swarms of the black things, clusters of them everywhere, so thick, a cluster was almost completely blocking out the light of the moon. I interrupted Kevin and said, “Kevin what the hell is in the sky??” He said, “drones. They’re just practicing. Each cluster had about 4 helicopters flying above them. Then, a black, transformer looking giant ass robot came running down the field with drones alongside it, shooting. I said, “KEVIN THOSE ROUNDS ARE LIVE!!” And I ducked into the floor board, covered my head, and woke up.

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