*Alright w/ me

I love my kids. SO MUCH. They are just so special. They are like my best friends. I don’t know how I even functioned before they came. They bring so much joy to my life. I’m not saying they don’t stress me out or irritate the living shit out of me from time to time but I am just so in love with them it sometimes feels like I am going to melt into a puddle of mush. Their personalities are all SO different. They are four, unique little creatures that are going to go out into the world and contribute very different things one day and I am beyond blessed to be able to say that I was there for them. I have been their number one. I have been able to help shape them into these amazing people that just continue to inspire me and help me see the world so differently. Every new thing they learn amazes me. Their giggles bring joy to my heart. Their cuddles and love are everything to me. I love spending time with them. I’m thinking about how much fun they are going to have on their trip to Washington DC next week…… all of the new things they will learn, the memories they will make to last a lifetime…. AN ABUNDANCE OF JOY IN MY SOUL! Now that I am working, I have enough money to splurge on them and buy them things that aren’t exactly necessities. I took the girls to Justice today and went crazy getting them all kinds of cute little things and just seeing their eyes light up made me so happy. We struggled when I was an older kid but when I was around Nova’s age, we had decent money….. and I just remember those trips to the mall with my parents and I loved it. Spending time with my kids and making them happy is just everything to me. No, i’m not saying my goal is to spoil them and keep them happy all the time….. but those rare times that I do….. man….. it’s something else. Love being their mom.


God, I miss being a kid so, so much lol. But I love being a mom way more.

(legit put a house key on one of my hoop earrings when I was a kid. When I realized it was WAY too heavy, I put my diary key on there, instead lol…. Janet was Queen.)

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