I was walking through an old cemetery when I saw a panther charging through the gates in the distance. As she came closer, I kneeled to the ground, put my head down, and held one arm up in a stopping motion in front of her. I lifted my head and she was right in front […]

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*Alright w/ me

I love my kids. SO MUCH. They are just so special. They are like my best friends. I don’t know how I even functioned before they came. They bring so much joy to my life. I’m not saying they don’t stress me out or irritate the living shit out of me from time to time […]

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Remind me later…

Life is good. So, so good. I am so hopeful and determined but also chill and easy like sunday morning, lately. It feels good when you can identify your problems and have full faith that you are more than capable of tackling every single one of them. You just do what you can and believe […]

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