Dream Mashup

Love when random, fleeting thoughts from the day diverge into a strange dream collaboration at night.

The first part of the dream, I was driving around with my second cousin, Tim, and his wife. And it was like we were in a virtual reality simulation of a documentary he made about my grandparents lol. So weird. Anyway, we were driving through some hills in the mountains and he was narrating some interesting facts about their life. We turned onto a road that was darkened by the tree coverage when, suddenly, azalea bushes as tall as the trees appeared. He said, “This was their favorite part”. Everything went into slow-mo, because, remember, we’re in a simulation of a movie he already cut. Soooooo this was the slowed down part. We were really driving in slow motion down this winding road as bright pink azalea petals slowly fell all around us. I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was so magical and my heart was going to burst with love for my grandparents, thinking of how something that made them so happy could make me so happy, too. I felt connected with them as if they were experiencing it with me.

The dream switched and I was at a hole-in-the-wall bar during the daytime, helping them decorate for a big Valentine’s day bash. It was in some Podunk town in bumfuck, USA. Everyone looked really poor but, in context, it was normal for where they were. I was the one that was out of place. At first, I felt uncomfortable. I was decorating for other people to celebrate Valentine’s day and I was a little bitter about it. But I went outside and started stringing up red and pink heart garland as big, rose gold heart balloons started dancing in a strong gust. Dust blew from the gravel in the parking lot. Across the street was a cow pasture and the sun was just starting to set. The DJ turned on the music to prep for the night and he played “Islands in the Stream” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers (I think I may have shared that song in a post recently.) and I just started focusing on how happy I was in that moment, no matter what I was doing. It was so nice.


And Kenny Rogers takes me back to an era during childhood that was absolutely glorious. And that reminds me of Alabama. My mom was a massive Alabama fan. She had one of those silky/satiny, vintage baseball jackets with “Alabama” on the back. I think it was a tour jacket. She wore it everywhere lol. You know how it is. When you’re super early, you love the music your parents love because your parents love it and it’s just part of life. Then, you get to that age where you don’t like it because it’s your parent’s music. But, then, you reach the point in life where you realize your parents were absolutely onto something and, once again, you love your parent’s music. It’s either that or just that listening to it takes you back to fond memories throughout your life. Alabama is one of those bands. Nostalgia, overload.


Okay, i’m out.

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