Submitted for the approval

of the midnight society…..

I call this story….

THE STOMACH FLU: Tales from the Toilet.

No, really. I was out sick today with the stomach flu and am still feeling like i’m going to puke what I don’t have to puke. I gotta puke so bad, I feel like I could puke what YOU ate for dinner. This is miserable.

Kids shows really suck, these days. Are You Afraid of the Dark was so….soooooo…. so good lol. I miss those times.

And The Secret World of Alex Mack. (And her sister annie….. and her best friend, Ray…. of course)

And I completely forgot about this one, but do you remember the show Ghost Writer? Or is that just me…..

I was a weird, weird little girl lol. I have always loved being spooked out. My imagination was so intense that my threshold for what I could tolerate was ridiculous… I just finished reading “Wytches” and in the end, Snyder talks about his inspiration for the book coming from an incident that him and his best friend had when they used to go “witch hunting” in the woods.


Always pretending that something was out to get me and I had to “survive” lol.

My girls? Nope. Not having it. They’re like their Aunt Shannon. They get spooked out by EVERYTHING. They are their own persons and not little extensions of me but God I wish I could relive that part of childhood through them haha. Aside from The Babysitter’s Club, every. single. fucking book I read. was weird. or creepy. The end. All of them. I had the weird section of the library on LOCK.

Speaking of lock. Locke and Key was so good I want to cry that it’s over lol. It was all sorts of fucked up and weird but Bode brought some kind of innocence to it….. (*spoiler alert*) until he was possessed by Dodge and made mention of raping his sister. That was pretty fucked up. But the story was awesome. Fantasy, horror, psychological thriller, paranormal…… greatness. And the end was satisfying. Not an AMAZING ending, especially since so many cool characters died…. but, still, satisfying. Although he could totally leave it with what it is, I feel like there’s of room to keep going and I wish he would…. but, overall, i’m happy with the ending.

I have mixed feelings about Wytches. It was way too short. Too rushed. It didn’t have a lot of depth to it. No real character development. The idea was good but….. like I said, it just didn’t have the depth I was hoping it would have. He’s writing volume two right now and i’ll definitely read it because I might as well but I just don’t understand the reviews. Everyone was saying it was supposed to be like the scariest comic ever and i’m like….. no. That wasn’t scary at all. And, there again, maybe my threshold for what’s considered scary is so high that I can’t be satisfied…. Which is why I started reading graphic novels in the first place. There is a drought in legitimately scary movies. They all end up either being really fucking stupid or just “meh”. I wish I were a better writer. I wish I could organize my thoughts. I wish I could finish out a plot without serious holes… because my nightmares, alone, would blow every scary movie out the fucking water. For real. They’re so twisted and fucked up and legitimately spooky as hell. Maybe i’m just full of myself lol. But I want to see a scary movie franchise like i’ve never seen before. There’s the Amityville/Conjuring/Annabelle “franchise” and from what I hear they’re going to wreck it with movies focusing on the nun and the crooked man and…. nah. Nah, cuz. Maybe the nun but the crooked man is a no for me, dawg. Don’t even understand how he fit into The Conjuring, at all.

What I really want to see is a sci-fi/thriller/paranormal/fantasy mashup. That would be great.

I feel like i’ve been doing sit-ups all day and my watch is registering my bathroom trips as exercise on my activity rings. I’m at 20% for the day and i’ve literally just been back and forth from the bed to the bathroom. So fucked up.

My kayak comes tomorrow. Finally. When Kevin ordered it, he got the wrong color so we had to switch the order up and there was some miscommunication and so here we are, almost a month later, no kayak. And I probably won’t feel well enough to go kayaking this weekend. Which sucks.

I went on a quick hike by the Suwannee for my birthday but it was really rushed since I had to get back for birthday shenanigans and I got a late start, as it was. I don’t like being rushed when I have my hiking time. Early morning to dusk is preferred. I like to stop and investigate things. You know, in all seriousness, I wouldn’t mind a metal detector. I want to investigate, for real. I want to go on an archaeological dig in the middle of a state park somewhere lmao. Not joking. When i’m at the beach, I prefer digging in the sand and inspecting seashells > actual swimming. In fact, that’s what i’m doing at the beach 95% of the time. I go to the beach to hunt for shit. Same with the woods. I like trying to find interesting things. Cool plants and bugs, weird shapes in tree trunks, interesting rocks and sticks. So much fun. That’s why I want some pet tree frogs. I want to create a habitat for them and just let them do what they do…… and just sit there and stare at them. See how the move, what they look like when they breathe, watch them fall off a little log or something, idk. Stuff like that is so entertaining to me. I can zone out watching all sorts of things……really, really inspecting things. Watching the way the clouds move and change shapes or how the colors of a sunset slowly change before turning dark…. and even when it’s dark, I love watching the dark clouds drift past the moon. I like watching raindrops fall in patterns and roll off of plants. I like watching ants crawl. I like watching birds fly from branch to branch. I love listening to them chirp. I like watching squirrels gather nuts. I like watching the patterns of waves at the ocean or the twigs and leaves that float down a river or picking up sand and inspecting it up close or….. just everything. I love observing things. Love observing people, too. Watching people like the fucking creep I am is one of my favorite things. Especially when they don’t know they’re being watched, which is extra creepy. Like when I am on a hike and I see people on the other side of the river or what not, I like to watch what they do. It’s weird, maybe. But I enjoy it. And I just want to know things about them. I want to know things about….. everything. I want to figure things out.

But what i’m really looking forward to is getting out on my kayak, paddling for a bit, then just drifting about on still waters. Not a very experienced kayaker so I don’t know what the odds are of me having an enjoyable, leisurely float down some body of water or whatever but if I can pull it off, i’m down. One thing I would like to do is kayak on the Okefenokee and go hike in the woods around where the cemetery is. From what I understand, it’s an island only accessible by boat…… pretty sure. And there are SO many deer out there. And crazy turkeys. But just to feel like a kid again and go park it on the ground somewhere and have myself a picnic and read a good book…. that just sounds heavenly. Maybe I should consider getting a good hammock.

And I have no idea why that made me think of this but it’s time for another museum day in Gainesville. It’s always nice to go out there and check out the museums and then have lunch at Devil’s Millhopper.

I was about to go off on a tangent about something totally unrelated but I don’t have enough effort to invest in it at the moment so maybe that will be my next post. I just wanted to write so I could feel somewhat normal….. I feel horrible today.

Well, i’m finished my current reading material and my next book gets here Friday. It’s The Sandman vol. 1….. a DC comic that everyone swears is the shit so I wanted to see what it was about. Maybe if I feel well enough on Saturday, I can have myself a day. Kayak. Book. Snacks. Woods. River. Perfection. Crossing my fingers.

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