It’s time to start planning a new adventure. I don’t know if we could ever top this trip. I still can’t believe we did this. I want more life-changing experiences. You go in as one person and come out the other side as someone….. not new….. not different….. just…. I don’t know the word for it. Enlightened? No, that’s not it. It’s something I just can’t describe. But I want more of it. When I close my eyes and think of the places i’ve seen…. I just thank God for my blessings. I thank God for this beautiful world. I need to go to these memories when my mind wants to take me to dark places. I have seen beautiful things. Things so beautiful they have moved me to tears. To breathlessness. I have been completely awestruck….. I have so much to be thankful for. This is what I want. I want to dwell on the good things. Life is beautiful. I’m in a mood tonight. It’s a good one.



Ain’t worried bout nothin’.

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