Had to go to the DMV. Usually, i’m so uncomfortable, there. You walk in and everyone is stiff, quiet, uncomfortable….. staring.

Seriously doesn’t have to be that way. We do it to ourselves. It’s not going to kill you to smile. It’s not going to kill you to compliment someone’s top. Won’t kill you to talk about how painful the DMV experience is.

I like living right in the middle. Don’t ever want to live a life of luxury with yapping yorkies in bows and sweaters, pretentious neighbors that conceal their disfunction behind designer shades and tuck their problems into designer handbags. Don’t want to live a life of struggle, either, blaming the world for my problems…… don’t want mediocrity, either….. where everyday is the same and i’m content to be a mindless droid just….. existing…. I just want a balanced life, super down to earth, time for adventure, time to chill, but always keeping it super duper real…. being honest…. just living an honest, authentic life. No holding back or putting up facades and making myself uncomfortable to impress other people who are making themselves uncomfortable to impress me….

We are the ones that put these systems into place. There is no mysterious “them” vs. “us”. It’s just us. All humans occupying the same planet, dealing with the same shit. Life is hard enough in it’s rawest, most natural form. We make it harder than it has to be.

Life is interesting. We should all talk about it, more. No formalities. Just be normal.

HEY! I read your blog because it’s PUBLIC and I am assuming it’s public because you actually wanted people to read it and it totally shouldn’t be weird that I READ IT AND HAD SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT IT!

HEY! I saw what you were listening to on Spotify because that’s public, too, and I was curious and I saw that you listen to some pretty interesting music and I was wondering if you could give me any good recommendations on something to listen to!

HEY! I noticed that you enjoy outdoor activities because YOU POSTED PICTURES OF IT ON FACEBOOK and I am assuming you did that because you wanted to share it and it’s not weird if I LIKE IT AND COMMENT ON IT because that’s the fucking point of Facebook, my friend. Friend. Yes. You accepted and confirmed that we are friends, at least in the virtual sense, so let’s do what friends do and, idk, interact?

HEY! You work right next door and we go on breaks around the same time and you just stand there and I just sit here and, idk, crazy idea, but maybe we could say HI and introduce ourselves and if it makes you uncomfortable to know someone new, we could file it under “networking” and call it a day.

HEY! I noticed your super sad tweet because that was PUBLIC and I just wanted you to know, samesies, i’ve been there, and i’m praying for you, not stalking you!

HEY! Since it appears we’re both going to be standing in this line for the next 15 minutes, literally within 6 inches of one another, would it be cool if we talk about the deals we found and share tips on how we save money when Christmas shopping?????

HEY! You’ve been faithfully delivering my mail for over ten years and I just wanted to know if you and your wife would like to join us for dinner sometime because IT ISN’T ILLEGAL TO ASK THE POSTMAN TO BREAK BREAD WITH YOU.

HEY! Mr. Policeman, you have been patrolling this area for quite a while now and I just wanted to thank you for your time and dedication to keeping us safe, is it against the law if I asked you why you decided to join the police force?

HEY! Your blush always looks amazing like not too much, not too little, just right but every time I try to apply it, myself, I look like a clown. Totally wouldn’t be weird if I brought it one day and let you show me how to put in on properly, would it????

THE FUCK. This is so unnatural. Take me back to the time when communities actually HAD to interact. When they depended on that shit for survival. Because….. I don’t see how people survive without it. I am bursting at the seams, wanting to share how awesome and fucked up and crazy life is with people who are pretending to not want the same…..

I just want people to talk to me like they talk to their mom. Assuming they like their mom. Because their mom is human and I am human and, why not? Talk to me like you would talk to your brother. Your brother is a person and so am I. I want to talk to you like I talk to my sister because talking to my sister is not weird or forced or unpleasant or uncomfortable and she is 100% human and so are you and like I wouldn’t judge you if you actually acknowledged I exist and i’m human and I talk and would maybe talk to you like your dad does? I want all human interactions to be natural and normal and do you remember duck hunt? I want to throw our masks in the air, shoot them, and wait for the damn hound to laugh. I. Am. SICK…… of this unnatural bullshit.

Lie is interesting. We should all talk about it, more. No formalities. Just be normal.

I’ve gone mad.

(Spent more time browsing music than I did writing and i’m in a really, really weird mood, now.)




One thought on “cannonball

  1. Yes… I know exactly what you mean… We tend to live in a BUBLEnow, afraid of going outside of that bubble… afraid of offending or being offended… I am the type of person that knows no stranger, you of all people should know that…

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