Activity tracker

I’d like to thank Uncle Luke and Trick Daddy for helping me close these activity rings today LOL.

My brain doesn’t understand the brains of people who hear this song and don’t start dancing. This song is kryptonite. If this song played while I was meeting the Pope, i’m screwed. If I were in a hostage situation and this song came on, i’m screwed. If I were drifting towards a blackhole and this song started playing in my spacesuit, i’d be doing the hydraulics all the way into oblivion.


I love how my watch makes me realize how much of a fatass I am. And like the cheap trick I am, I am eyeballing that little New Year Challenge achievement so when I realized I didn’t close my exercise ring, I turned on booty music and started dancing by myself in my office. Wow haha, whatever works, I guess.


For now, i’m only trying to burn 300 calories a day. After i’ve consistently done that for a month, I’ll increase it. But I like that i’m now conscious of how much i’m moving around and how much exercise i’m actually getting. Hopefully i’m on the right track to get that hot summer bod i’ve been trying to get for like 6 years lol.

Another goal is to go to bed early and wake up early. So, i’m out.

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