Submitted for the approval

of the midnight society….. I call this story…. THE STOMACH FLU: Tales from the Toilet. No, really. I was out sick today with the stomach flu and am still feeling like i’m going to puke what I don’t have to puke. I gotta puke so bad, I feel like I could puke what YOU ate […]

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It’s time to start planning a new adventure. I don’t know if we could ever top this trip. I still can’t believe we did this. I want more life-changing experiences. You go in as one person and come out the other side as someone….. not new….. not different….. just…. I don’t know the word for […]

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  Had to go to the DMV. Usually, i’m so uncomfortable, there. You walk in and everyone is stiff, quiet, uncomfortable….. staring. Seriously doesn’t have to be that way. We do it to ourselves. It’s not going to kill you to smile. It’s not going to kill you to compliment someone’s top. Won’t kill you […]

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alien head spider body

If I don’t write my dreams down immediately or seriously analyze them as soon as I wake up, I won’t remember them. So I haven’t been blogging about my dreams much these days. I was sitting at the dining room table when a number I didn’t recognize popped up on my phone. I answered it […]

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Activity tracker

I’d like to thank Uncle Luke and Trick Daddy for helping me close these activity rings today LOL. My brain doesn’t understand the brains of people who hear this song and don’t start dancing. This song is kryptonite. If this song played while I was meeting the Pope, i’m screwed. If I were in a […]

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