super duper invisible

Check it out. I can download any picture from google, upload it to my HUE app, and my lights will mimic the lighting in the picture. If that’s not the coolest thing ever, I don’t know what is.

This is going to be a hodgepodge of random because that’s all i’ve got, these days. Literally all I have. It’s funny because, yesterday, I was checking to see if one of my packages shipped, which forced me to look at my order history. My Amazon order history is about as confusing as my Spotify Most Played Songs of 2017 Playlist. My Google search history is actually the weirdest of all. It’s just hilarious because if someone were spying on these things, they’d probably think they were spying on a commune of people. I’m seriously like 40 different people and I admit it’s NUTS. I went to Walgreens the other day and bought some tampons, coffee, a blanket, and an Eiffel Tower snow globe on the counter. My synergy blends of essential oils and my whittling knives arrived today. Like what in the actual fuck is my deal? I’ll tell you my deal in a minute.

I had a dream last night that I was in Germany, standing on the edge of a massive lake, watching one of the most colorful, vibrant sunsets i’ve ever seen in my life. I’m not having nightmares these days. It’s strange. I’ve always had nightmares. It’s rare that I don’t. Now, it’s rare that I do.

I just erased probably almost 2000 words. I am not going to do it. I’m not. I’m okay, everything is awesome. My deal is that everything is great.

I suck at whittling, btw. Like, actually carving anything significant is not going to happen without investing a lot of time into watching tutorials and reading books and i’ll still probably suck at it. So I won’t be carving any garden gnomes, unfortunately. But i’m going to settle for trying to make pendants and carving cool designs into walking sticks. So, there’s that.

Listen, spoiler alert: The Last Jedi was not impressive. We shouldn’t have went at 11:30. Admittedly, I slept on and off through about half of it. But that’s only because it was seriously not that great. A LOT of really pointless shit just to make the Kylo Ren and Rey Plot move along. It literally felt like the whole fucking thing was just filler. I was pretty disappointed. I’m guessing the next one is going to make up for it by revealing who Rey’s parents actually are because there’s no fucking way they were “nobody’s”. Captain obvious.

I have found the holy grail of movie snacks. Popcorn. Sour Patch Kids. Raisinets. Crunchy and chewy. Sweet, sour, and salty. Thank me, later.

So, while I was thinking about Luke Skywalker’s astral projection bit and how fucking AWESOME it was, it made me think about how I wish I had that superpower. That’s why Doctor Strange is so badass. That’s literally like the best fucking superpower there is. Hands down. So I started thinking of a plot for a book. Don’t steal it, okay? It’s going to be so awesome when I never fucking write it and always think about how cool it would’ve been if I did.

Nazi Germany scientists. They found a way to make people invisible. Though, Nazi Germany and everything holocaust is very touchy….. sooooooo…… maybe they weren’t testing on prisoners. Maybe they were testing on their own population? Still sketchy. I obviously haven’t worked out the details. People were being tested on, okay? This was their punishment. It very well could be set in the present time. I was thinking about how I sometimes wish I could just make certain people shut up. Another shitty quality of mine, I know. Ever thought of that? Like do you ever just wish you had the power to make someone stop talking for a period of time? People who spread gossip and lies, people who use their words to hurt people, stuff like that…. like, they should be punished by being invisible lol. So that’s what was up. A bunch of people were forced to become invisible for a period of time. But, the thing is, this program was under wraps due to serious ethics violations, obvs. Some kind of war broke out and the programs were shut down. Documents were discovered regarding their experiment but obviously, with the people being invisible and all, the evidence wasn’t. So no one actually believed they were successful. The invisible people were forgotten. And since the program was still in its infancy, the scientists didn’t realize that once you were invisible, you could actually still see other invisible people and reproduce. And the babies were invisible. So, future setting, there’s a population of invisible people and there are still scientists working in secrecy on this program. For one, the invisible people under their control are used to spy on other governments, corporations, carry out assassinations, etc. For two, they are also used to seek and retrieve the forgotten population of invisible people. An invisible war is going on all around an unsuspecting population. As a fulfillment of their contract, they are given that shit that makes you not fucking invisible anymore lol. BUT….. When you were once invisible, that stuff that makes you invisible is still dormant in your DNA. So, when you have a child, that child can either be born invisible “Oh my God, I can’t believe it! You’re showing signs of pregnancy, even fetal movement and a heartbeat, but there is no fetus!”, visible with the ability to see the invisible people, OR, the ability to control that part of your DNA so you can choose to be visible or invisible. So cliche, I know. “Isabelle, who are you talking to?” “Chloe, she’s my new friend.”………..”That’s nice sweetie…..” “Honey, i’m worried about Isabelle and this imaginary friend….”


“He was playing outside just two minutes ago and now he’s gone!!!”

Hmmmmm, funny, Meredith. Isn’t that what happened to your……dun dun duuunnnnnnn…… GRANDMOTHER?!?!?!

Like, you’re absolutely tripping if you don’t want to read this book.

Too bad i’m such a shitty writer these days and I can’t follow through with basically anything.

Okay, so. I have to go to bed. This plot is going to attack me for a while. I think it’s pretty strong. I’ve been tossing around black-ops/government conspiracies/superpowers stuff for YEARS now and this one actually makes sense in my head. I really want to write it. I wish I had a mentor.

I gotta go to bed.

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