The Walk.

Really, there shouldn’t be any reason why a little boy is not his father’s priority. Number one.

I can’t think of anything on this earth that brings me joy like my kids do. I know what they’re going through. Childhood is still so close to me and I just understand exactly what it’s like and there isn’t any greater joy or bigger goal than being for them who I needed for me when I was a kid.

Seeing Ezra at Legoland today was something special. The boy has been obsessed with legos since he was a toddler and he’s always been good at building. This was such a special day for him. God, I so understand my kids. I get them. My childhood feels like a breath behind me. I’m still basically a big ass kid lol. I love them so much. I’ll do anything for them.

This goes by so quickly. You blink and it’s over. I know this because i’ve been there.

No excuses. If you are a parent, your kids are your life. Nothing comes before them.

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