Locke and Key

Happy 9th Birthday, Onestop! You still act like a newborn lol.

Okay so I just finished the third volume of the Locke and Key series and the fourth should be here on Tuesday. I. Cannot. Get. Enough. The story and characters, so far, are so well-developed. The artwork is incredible and full of emotion. It’s brilliant. I’ve already got a couple more spooky graphic novels lined up to order after I am finished with this series.

So, i’ve mentioned before that I love how horror and sic-fi get my heart racing and I love the rush those genres give me.

But I am going to approach it from a different angle that I haven’t shared before because I haven’t put a lot of conscious thought into it. I’ve just always known I love horror and sci-fi and so I just indulge and don’t think much about it.

Now, I am the kind of person that does not like having her time wasted. I despise it probably a lot more than the average person. I don’t get into things that don’t serve some sort of purpose. I’m not a “just because” person. There’s always meaning. Always depth. It’s just who I am. I am a thinker. I hate mindless shit.

You’ve got your people who see scary movies and novels for the evil they display…… but you’ve got people, like me, who admire the protagonists that display bravery in the midst of what would be anyone’s worst nightmare. That’s what i’m about. We all have our own fears. I’ve always had an irrational fear of snakes and intruders. But I am also always trying to find ways to face my fears. I like being brave. Or at least trying to be….

Amityville, for instance. To someone who isn’t really into horror films, they’d probably be all like ew no, demonic possession, violence, blood, filth…. No thanks. But to people like myself that love horror, I see a family wanting to live out their dream in a great big, beautiful, waterfront home….. something a lot of us can relate to. I mean, you can feel it, right? Imagine if you were looking to buy a new house in a new area and come across this massive fixer-upper that’s so cheap you’re practically stealing it…. And you have a large family, like the Lutz’s….. so you see the potential in this big house and all of the memories you could make, the space you would have for your family, making the house your own….. we relate, right? Right? And there’s tragedy, in that, the father died and George is now the stepdad of these, what, five girls? And Kathy is all bubbly and hopeful and it’s just so, so normal, right? lol. But, because life sucks, things don’t always work out as planned…. and shit gets real. Kathy is watching George change before her eyes and turn into someone she doesn’t even recognize…. things start falling apart… and Kathy, this extremely average, normal housewife, is forced out of her comfort zone. She’s forced out of her old way of thinking. She is forced to contend with something bigger than just your average marital problems. Her freaking husband is possessed by a demonic entity lol. And she is basically now superwoman. She has to save her children and husband from the evil forces that haunt this house. In the end, she saves everyone, including George, and they leave everything behind. They literally walk away (well, float away) from all of it. All of their stuff. The house. How can people not see the lessons to be learned in horror films? Obviously, they force you out of your own comfort zone because you’re scared as shit and your heart is racing. It’s not something you feel everyday. And with the typical horror film, you see very average people with no special skill or talent, forced to fight evil. They are thrown into situations they never could have dreamed of. Usually, there are happy endings. Sometimes, there isn’t a happy ending. But there is almost always a lesson to learn. I just get excited seeing the creative ways the main character escapes death or outwits whatever evil they are up against. I think the horror genre really gets a bad rap among those who don’t understand it. Think about superheroes. I don’t watch horror films because I love evil anymore than I watch superhero movies because I love the villains. It’s all about the good guy. Like it or not, there is evil in this world. I don’t focus on that. I focus on overcoming it. That’s why I love horror stuff. I like the suspense, the quick-thinking, the anticipation, the ingenuity, creativity, bravery…… I root for the hero. I don’t like senseless violence. I don’t get off on gore. I am all about the mystery and the victory.

Can’t wait for volume 4 to get here!!!!

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