Murder House

The kids were gone, I had a free day (in pain) so I binge watched American Horror Story: Murder House and I regret nothing. Soooooo a few years ago, I was flicking through the channels and came across an episode of AHS and didn’t know what I was watching and thought it looked cheesy so I was like okay um pass. But one of my friends who is also very much into all things horror and weird told me that the series is definitely worth watching and so i’ve been meaning to but didn’t get around to it because I hate, hate, hate getting into new shows because time. But there have definitely been some good ones. My favorites, in no particular order, have been Black Mirror, 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, Timeless, and now, American Horror Story. There is a new series coming out on the 20th called No-End House that looks pretty exciting. Anyway, AHS currently has 6 seasons out (7th actually starts tomorrow sooooo….. idk. I watched 12 episodes yesterday and though I didn’t regret it, I totally felt like a loser lol). Each season is separate from the previous season but uses pretty much the same actors and actresses in a new storyline. So you could technically jump in on any season and get away with it.

Murder House. Violet and Tate<3333 Dead people. Yes. In the Pilot episode when the twins are running around the mansion while Patience and Prudence plays…… i’ll never think of that song the same way again lol.


I. Love. Scary. Weird. Impossible things. I love things that make me feel weird and question reality for a minute. It also satisfies my need for excitement. The rush. Adrenaline. Yes.

Also… Locke and Key is brilliant and you should definitely read it if you’re into that sort of thing. I got the second volume in the mail last week, grabbed my keys, went to a corner of the park and sat there for 2 hours, reading it straight through. It was so, so good.

In other news, I got a job and i’m enjoying the busyness. Truly. It’s madness trying to get myself and four kids ready in the morning, drop Vayda and Ezra off at school, drop Nova off at her school, make it back in time to see Judea off on the bus, then drive across town to work, get off, pick the kids up, grocery store, dinner, yada, yada….. When I do the full time thing, i’m going to have to pray for a miracle on getting the kids childcare that doesn’t take half my check…. that’s kind of what we were up against in the past. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to work when your money just goes to gas and childcare for everyone. But i’m determined to figure it out because, at this point, I NEED adult interaction of some sort and I have to feel like i’m a part of the world out there. I feel like i’ve been slowly going crazy over the past year. Don’t get me wrong, I love being here for my kids…. but there just comes a point where you start to feel like you are living in isolation and have lost touch with reality so, yeah….. I need it. Plus, money. God….. money…. never enough.

Welllllllll…… if i’m going to feel okay about binging on season two tonight, I really need to get up and be productive.

(I have lost interest in my blog, if you can’t already tell. I just feel like i’ve kind of said all there is to say. I think i’m just in a rut….)

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