Midweek Meltdown

Make the trees in a forest glow neon blue and cover them with Jasmine. Release millions of fireflies.

Replace everyone’s front porch lights with pink bulbs, mount speakers to light poles and play Tchaikovsky. Every first Friday, we meet in the street at midnight and drink coffee.

Adult hide and seek at the main library in the middle of the night while it storms outside. Ghost stories in the history section. Butter tarts and hot cocoa.

Ride down a dirt road in the bed of a truck with people you don’t know. Drink good wine and tell embarrassing stories. Plan a vacation with your new, unlikely friends.

Hammocks under pretty trees around town with interesting books in a cabinet mounted to the tree.

Everyone eats dinner in their front yard on Saturdays. The entire neighborhood is one big pot luck. Everyone plays their favorite music at their house so you can hear new stuff.

Ride horses through the city at night when everyone is sleeping. Eat snacks on the top of a parking garage and dance to Elvis.

Adult sleepover at a skating rink. Disco balls and 70’s music. Corndogs and french fries. Pajamas.

Watch a storm on the beach from a tent at night. Big blankets, soft pillows, vanilla air freshener, comfy sweaters and socks. Coffee.

Float down the river at dawn in a canoe, listening to Vivaldi, blueberry muffins and apple juice.

Empty field in the country. Inflatable pool filled with blankets and pillows. Popcorn and raisinets, epic film scores. Stars and crickets.


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