Fort Wtf

I was at a housewarming party out in the country. The house was a big, old farmhouse, with a huge wraparound porch. It was white with a country blue porch. So cute. I’m not sure who the house belonged to but my whole family was there, as well as a ton of guests. We were all out on the front porch sitting down, talking, and my parents walked out so I stood up to give my mom a chair and went to find one for my dad. When I came back, he was sitting in my uncle johnny’s lap and making a joke about it so I said, “Oh my God I have to take a picture of this, hold on!” So I whipped out my cell phone and kept trying to take a picture but in each frame, there was a reflection of what was going on behind me sort of superimposed onto the image. So I got frustrated and said, “Who is back there doing lufhdubsdiubayuc (whatever they were doing, can’t remember)”. I turned around and it was a filipino woman about my MIL’s age with her husband. She mumbled something rude under her breath and made her way into the house and through the crowd of people. I felt terrible that there was a misunderstanding, that I wasn’t trying to directly insult her, I was more frustrated with whatever was going on with my camera. So I went after her and couldn’t see her through the people. I stepped onto the back porch and could see her and her husband and a scattered group of others making their way down a path around the edge of the cornfield and into the woods. I wasn’t sure what they were all going to see but I ran down the path to catch up to her so that I could apologize. At this point, it was dusk. I almost caught up to her as I reached the edge of an old dirt road which was darkened under a canopy of trees. Faint headlights in the distance got brighter and as it got right next to me, my mind went somewhere else. I was invisible, in a room with peach colored walls and brown furniture, junk and boxes everywhere. There were a couple of guys in there and one of them said, “It’s not like I want to kill her, I just want to put this bag over her head” and he held up a clear, plastic bag with zip ties. He went on to say, “I mean, if she dies, she dies.” And when I snapped out of it, there was a man in a station wagon next to me asking if I wanted a ride to the fort. It was the same guy in the vision I just had so I said no and started running. I ran down the dirt road and caught up to the others as they were entering the fort. The fort looked like a small, revolutionary war era structure made out of stone and partially covered in ivy. Outside was dark but the glow of candlelight coming from within the fort barely illuminated the immediate surrounding area. I pushed past the people and into the entrance and began making my way around a maze of corridors. The walls had small portholes in them so you could just barely catch a glimpse of a face as they passed by on the other side. I kept seeing the guy and he was gaining on me. Once he reached me, I lunged into a very narrow pathway and almost got stuck. Walking sideways, I made my way to a room which was in the very center of the fort. It was small but had a wooden staircase leading to an upper level and another door which was the actual doorway you’re supposed to enter. There was a pile of old spears in the corner so I stood in the doorway with a spear and planned to attack the man as he came in. As soon as I caught a glimpse of a green parka, I lunged forward with the spear, stabbing another guest. By that time, I started to lose it. I started crying, hysterically and felt like I was losing my mind. I kept saying, “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” And drug him over to the corner where the spears were and I grabbed another. More people started entering the room and saw what I had done. They thought I was crazy and I kept trying to explain to them what was going on but they didn’t believe me. As I was trying to explain myself, the man entered and I bulldozed through everyone and ran a spear into him. He laughed at me and started to pull the spear out and I woke up.

No, I never got to apologize to the filipino woman. I woke up feeling like I ate a lot of cornbread lmao. Weeeeeeiiiiiirrrrrrrddddddd.

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