Bridge dream

I had a nightmare that Vayda died. I don’t know how or when it happened but it did and I was an absolute wreck. I kept having these inconsolable crying/screaming fits. I was in a restaurant and I saw a lady with a girl Vayda’s age and I ended up talking to her about something completely unrelated. Somehow, I ended up telling her about Vayda and I lost it again. I ran out of the restaurant and started running downtown with my bike. I came to a bridge that was as steep as a rollercoaster. The bridge had water pouring down it and everyone else was making it up the bridge just fine…. but I had my bike that was holding me back. So I ended up ditching my bike. Then, I had flip-flops on and one of them came off. So I had to ditch those, too. So i’m struggling, trying to climb this bridge, barefoot, while water is pouring down and knocking me over. And everyone was passing me by, no one would stop to help. And I just dropped to the ground and lost it as the water rushed over me.


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