House dream

I had a dream about a house that i’ve had many times before. In the dreams, the details of who we obtain the house from change but the house is always the same. This time, we were buying it from my aunt and uncle. The house has been abandoned for a long time but we’re hell bent on fixing it up because there’s a lot of space. It’s a two story house and I have no clue what it looks like from the outside. I only vaguely know what most of the inside looks like. We’re always focused on the second story. There are like 5 rooms on the second story. Details of the dream are usually the same. Kevin and I have a bedroom that can’t hold both of our belongings. We argue over what pieces of furniture are going to stay and which ones have to go until we have this “aha” moment that we aren’t even in the master bedroom. So we go to the master bedroom and it’s massive. Plenty of room to fit all of our things. There is a master bathroom in the center of the bedroom. It’s HUGE. So you can walk around this interior room. I don’t know how to explain it. In the master bathroom, there is a separate room with a soaking tub and a great big jacuzzi. There is a separate stall with a massive shower, a toilet room, and a small, home gym with old school TV’s hanging from the ceiling. In the dream, we’re always busy moving furniture around and i’m always focused on where to put this white vanity. About that time of the dream is when I remember that the upper level is haunted. I’m always like “but this house is perfect. There’s plenty of room for us. Maybe it’s not haunted anymore.” But as soon as I feel the pressure in the air start to change, I realize it’s haunted and I usually wake up at that point. The end.

I don’t like perfect homes. I like interesting homes. I like comfortable homes. I don’t like it when everything matches and looks like a perfect replica of some pics I saw on pinterest.  I don’t want my bookshelves to be full of things that look cute but mean literally nothing to me. And I get bored so easily and go through phases where almost everything I like changes. I’m a mess.

I just discovered so many good songs I can’t contain myself.

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