Tall, creepy dolls.

I’m really trying to stop using profanity, here. When reading posts online that are littered with profanity, it sometimes doesn’t translate very well and comes across as being hostile. That’s never my intentions. I am just really goofy and when i’m being casual (which, my blog is very, very casual. Kind of like….. playing cards with friends past midnight when beer and unhealthy snacks are involved and you end up talking about politics and aliens and drama….. never mind, that probably won’t make sense lol)……. yeah. I don’t like being too serious unless the situation calls for me to be serious. If I can get away with not being serious, that’s the route i’m going to take. I hate being stiff and I despise coming off as inapproachable. It’s like your friends at church where you’re not entirely sure what you could get away with in front of them but then they send you a PM about a song they heard on the radio that reminded them of you and you’re like okay that song definitely talks about getting head while you’re driving so the boundaries of our friendship have just expanded, good to know, good to know. I try to be as natural as possible the majority of the time because if I had to keep up with anymore facades I would probably spontaneously combust. To me, profanity is about as “don’t worry, it’s cool” as it gets. BUT. When reading it through the writing of others’ that I don’t know well, i’m like, ew, trashy?? And then I reflect and i’m like….. oh. S***. <—— I hate it when people do that and I totally just did it. “hmmmm, what is this mystery word? Shot? Sith? SALT? It’s salt. Can you drop a vowel, please?” lol. Okay. Anyway. I said all of that because I just really wanted to let you all know how ducking (haha, let’s go with that) weird my dream was the other night.

I only remember a small part of it. I was at a festival with my family. The ground was paved and there were water fountains all around. It kind of looked like we were in the middle of a business complex but…. not really? There were people everywhere but still enough room to move around comfortably. This part is going to be challenging, I don’t know how i’m going to explain this one. There were two dolls that were alive…. they were real…. they were about 15 feet tall with long, slender bodies and big bobble heads. They were made of papier-mâché (I don’t think i’ve ever had to actually type that word.) and had somewhat of a victorian era/ steam punk vibe to them. Actually, in a way, their heads reminded me of the queen of hearts from the new Alice in Wonderland. They had pale, white faces with dramatic makeup, and short red hair. They were swaying back and forth but their arms were stretched out as if they were worshiping…. and the crowd, including my kids, were singing Linger by The Cranberries. I haven’t even played that song, recently. As soon as I realized that it was a dream because no way in actual life would I find myself in this situation….. I suddenly was wearing a long, pale blue, cotton nightgown. Super old school looking. I was knocked onto my back and the crowd made a clearing for me but continued to sing and I just started levitating and floating up into the sky. When I got above the dolls, I turned my head to look back down at everyone and they were all watching me, expressionless, while singing Linger lol WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY HEAD. I was slightly panicked because, on one hand, I knew none of it was real but…. on the other hand, I was like….. why, tho? It felt like it meant something. I actually don’t like staying in a dream while lucid. I prefer to just wake up once I discover it is a dream. The feeling of being stuck in this state, knowing that you are the only thing that is real, is terrifying. Anyway, that was the dream. No clue.

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