I miss my cats

I don’t think i’ve ever been this devastated over losing an animal. Even when I lost my cat, Jenna, that I had for 18 years, I was really sad but had such a long life of memories with her that it wasn’t devastating. But Lennon and Yoko were my favorite animals, ever. They were literally the best. When Kevin brought them home, they were both so scared and Yoko was MEAN but they warmed up to us within about a month. They were so very much a part of our family that things don’t even feel the same without them. Lennon got really sick at one point and we thought we were going to lose him. I mean, he was deathly sick and he made a full recovery and I was just so happy. I’d sit and wonder how long we would have them, I was in it for the long haul with those cats. I miss them so, so much. It really hurts.

I have always hated the idea of keeping cats indoors. It just seems so cruel to me. They always find a way out and once they get a taste of being outside, that’s it. They’ll do what it takes to get there. It’s in their blood. By nature, they are outdoor animals. Whenever we tried to keep them inside, they would get depressed and literally cry all night. Uncontrollable wailing. It was ridiculous, we never got any sleep. So I figured if they are going to get out, anyway, I might as well let them get used to it so they don’t escape and have no clue how to deal out there. And that was my mistake.

I have been so depressed about losing Yoko, it feels so lonely without her here to climb up in bed and snuggle with me or brush up against my leg throughout the day. I just miss her so much. So we’re going to get one of the cats that my friend is fostering. At first, I thought I only wanted one but then I remembered how Lennon and Yoko were besties and I don’t think I could ever just get one cat again. They need the companionship of other cats. They like to clean each other and snuggle and wrestle. It’s going to be another couple of weeks before they get fixed and we can take them and I cannot wait.

I am going to use some of our scrap wood and some wire screens to build an outdoor enclosure for them. That way they can get outside without getting hurt. I also saw a DIY cat run for a privacy fence that I may do if there’s enough wood leftover. I’m out of control. I just want the cats to be able to enjoy it outside because I wouldn’t want to spend my life locked up in a house but I have to make sure they’re safe and can’t get out.

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