Fort Wtf

I was at a housewarming party out in the country. The house was a big, old farmhouse, with a huge wraparound porch. It was white with a country blue porch. So cute. I’m not sure who the house belonged to but my whole family was there, as well as a ton of guests. We were […]

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I have been having a lot of crazy dreams lately but haven’t been writing them down because i’ve been so busy with sick kids. Thursday night, I had to take Judea to the ER. He was having an asthma attack and his grandma forgot to send home his nebulizer. We got there at 2:30 AM […]

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Bridge dream

I had a nightmare that Vayda died. I don’t know how or when it happened but it did and I was an absolute wreck. I kept having these inconsolable crying/screaming fits. I was in a restaurant and I saw a lady with a girl Vayda’s age and I ended up talking to her about something […]

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House dream

I had a dream about a house that i’ve had many times before. In the dreams, the details of who we obtain the house from change but the house is always the same. This time, we were buying it from my aunt and uncle. The house has been abandoned for a long time but we’re […]

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Tall, creepy dolls.

I’m really trying to stop using profanity, here. When reading posts online that are littered with profanity, it sometimes doesn’t translate very well and comes across as being hostile. That’s never my intentions. I am just really goofy and when i’m being casual (which, my blog is very, very casual. Kind of like….. playing cards […]

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Beechwood 4-5789

I’ve been having some interesting dreams lately but if I don’t write them down as soon as I wake up, I forget them. I had a dream about my old best friend; the one who ended up homeless. She had an apartment and our other friend and I were over there trying to help her […]

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