Wildflowers Dream

First part of the dream, Lennon came through a hole in the bottom of the bathroom vanity. He was covered in dust and dirt. I ran out yelling to Kevin that Lennon was alive and that the cat he buried must have been a neighborhood stray.


I was walking through the woods with the kids and came upon a red shed that was identical to my grandpa’s shed/garage in Windsor. In the dream, there was a small space in front of the shed which was sectioned off by a metal fence and gate. I went in and it was covered with weeds and stones. I said, “This was Grandpa’s old garden, let’s clean it up!”. Vayda and I started tossing stones out and pulling weeds. I had stacks of wildflowers that I started to plant. Yellow, pink, blue, orange, red, white, purple, all of it. Huge stacks of them. I took them, one by one, and started planting them in the ground while the kids ran around and played. Then, I saw a tiny snake slithering between the flowers and the grass. I jumped up and looked around. Snakes were coming from every direction. I looked at Nova, who was spinning around in circles in a tall patch of grass. I tried to yell for her to watch out, I motioned with my hands, pointing at a snake coming toward her, but I couldn’t speak. All that came out was grunts and pieces of words that didn’t make sense. I tried to come to her but I was moving in slow motion while everything around me was going at a normal pace. The snake bit her on the back of her thigh and she fell. The sun was filtering through the leaves of the trees, it felt like a typical, warm summer’s day in Windsor, only we were in the woods and the only thing around, besides the dense forest, was the shed and this little garden I was working on. It was the perfect dream, perfect setting, until the snakes came. At that point, I knew it was a dream but I was really confused as to why such a good dream was being ruined by snakes. Usually, the dreams I have about snakes are in creepy settings or, at least when they come, the dream begins to shift into a more ominous setting. But nothing changed. There was still the occasional, gentle breeze, the sun was still pouring through the trees like golden glitter, the flowers were still bright and crisp, and the shed was still bright red. The kids were all happy, running around, laughing…. but then Nova got bit and she collapsed. And I just stood there thinking, why did it have to turn out this way? This could have been perfect.

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