I wonder how much time of my life I have spent staring at a white screen and a blinking cursor…. When a container is filled to the brim, it’s almost impossible to get anything out without making a mess. That’s where i’m at. There’s so many things in there that the extraction process would require […]

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The Walk.

Really, there shouldn’t be any reason why a little boy is not his father’s priority. Number one. I can’t think of anything on this earth that brings me joy like my kids do. I know what they’re going through. Childhood is still so close to me and I just understand exactly what it’s like and […]

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Locke and Key

Happy 9th Birthday, Onestop! You still act like a newborn lol. Okay so I just finished the third volume of the Locke and Key series and the fourth should be here on Tuesday. I. Cannot. Get. Enough. The story and characters, so far, are so well-developed. The artwork is incredible and full of emotion. It’s […]

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raised by wolves

Complacency is the saddest of all because it never begins with bad intentions. It starts out pure and good…. complacency is a hot meal setting on a dining room table. It is good to eat…. but it just sits there. It sits. It gets cold. It gets moldy and before you know it, it’s infested […]

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Murder House

The kids were gone, I had a free day (in pain) so I binge watched American Horror Story: Murder House and I regret nothing. Soooooo a few years ago, I was flicking through the channels and came across an episode of AHS and didn’t know what I was watching and thought it looked cheesy so […]

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Where to even begin. So, the initial plan was that Kevin was going to take a trip with his friends to Nashville and photograph the eclipse and I was going to move heaven and hell to get the kids somewhere to see it. I was initially thinking about just driving to Charleston for the day […]

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I have to run a marathon tomorrow that is shopping for back to school clothes because I suck as a parent and always wait until the last minute. My sister and I will be getting pedicures after because we did this same thing last year and it was PAINFUL lol. When I think about some […]

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